History of GotGrit

GotGrit started on the ATM Mailing list as ‘Group Grit’ where I was frustrated with the high costs of getting grit in small quantities.

I sent out an email to see who was interested and found a lot of guys felt the same way. I think there were about 15-20 packages, with some international too! After I sent the packages out I kept getting emails asking if they could get in on the group order too. So I decided to open a website in December of 1999 and GotGrit was born!

Over the years there have been small changes, for a while I was able to carry glass. Once for about 6 months I was working in St Paul, MN and I packed up all my grit into my pickup and shipped from there!

Over the past few years my website has become fragile and it was long overdue for a face lift which brought me to this incarnation on WordPress.

I am also getting my sons involved in running the business so GotGrit is insured to continue. We are going to find a source of glass since it is really hard to make mirrors without it!

This new website is also running on a decentralized server, which means it can move around from place to place, it is limited to USA hosting only, since that’s where most of the customers are.

Welcome to Web3!